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Bridge Rail Foundation is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to stopping suicides on the Golden Gate Bridge and elsewhere. It has been at the forefront in advocating for a suicide deterrent system on the bridge, and since my book The Final Leap came out, I have served on the board of directors.

Bridge Rail Foundation

The website has information on the organization's successes, challenges, and lessons learned, and the monthly e-newsletter (which I write) has the latest bridge suicide statistics and updates on the suicide deterrent system.

Below are links to articles about Golden Gate Bridge suicides that I wrote or am quoted in. There is also a link to a review of The Final Leap by noted California historian Kevin Starr.

The Golden Gate Bridge Suicide Nets Are Nearly Finished

This article appeared January 6, 2024 in the San Francisco Chronicle.

What the Golden Gate Is (Finally) Doing About Suicides

This article appeared November 5, 2023 in the New York Times.

The Deadly Span

This article appeared in Contexts, the main publication of the American Sociological Association.

The Suicide Magnet that is the Golden Gate Bridge

This op-ed appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

Golden Gate Bridge Is the World's Most Popular Suicide Site

This article appeared in the London Daily Telegraph.

Suicides Mounting: Golden Gate Bridge Looks to Add a Safety Net

This article appeared in the New York Times.

Deadly Passage

This book review of The Final Leap appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle.

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